Kaarot's point of sales system starting from just $299 with all the features you need to run the businesses effortlessly

Customer Focus
Stores customer order history and personal information. This provides a great insight about customer interests and needs, rewarding them discounts, gift cards, loyalty points, send notifications, get feedback. Compels them to become a permanent buyer by engaging them to increase their spends.

Stock Management
Kaarot's intuitive interface makes managing stock simpler of even more than one store. Easy to add, edit or remove items, deals, discounts, and many more from back-end. This cloud-based system makes it easy for you and your staff to access stock details on your fingertips in-store or online.


Product Management
Kaarots's point of sale system helps you to manage your product effortlessly.Categorize your products by name, type, brand to easily build custom reports, sync your stocks across all stores, easy returns, refunds, low stock alerts, manage cash movements and daily sales, scan barcodes, better to decide about stock purchase, print or email receipts and many more

Quick Payments
Accepts any type of payments. Kaarot's point of sales system makes its easy for you to customize your payment modes and get paid very fast and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Employee Training and Certifications
Kaarot Technology Employee mobile App allows employees to access transcripts, take training, and take courses online and offline from their smartphones and tablet devices and get certified.

Data Centralization and Hosting
All the data for multiple stores whether online or in-store can be maintained at one place saving business members plenty of time and efforts. Also provides a custom subdomain matching your brand.


Get Kaarot's PoS System basic and add-on packages in a pocket-freindly prices.
- Free Installation
- Free Support
- Free Training
- No Commission to Pay
- *$79 Monthly Charges
- Free Installation
- Free Support
- Free Training
- No Commission to Pay
- Tablet Stand
- Receipt Printer
- Cashier Drawer
- *$79 Monthly Charges
- Free Installation
- Free Support
- Free Training
- No Commission to Pay
- Tablet Stand
- Receipt Printer
- Cashier Drawer
- Android 10inch Tablet
- *$79 Monthly Charges

Business More, Save More, Grow More

Kaarot Point Of Sales App allows businesses to perform sales, inventory, analytics, improve business smartness , track cash movement more easily and efficiently.

Add users, outlet, cashier, registers

Easily add users, cashiers and set their permissions. Easy to add, activate and deactivate registers. Easy to add multiple outlets and customize their different settings.


Easy to shop online, in-store

Customer can shop easily from in-store or online from app or site and decide their delivery, pick-up. Their order details sync automatically in pos system. You can choose to email or print receipts.

Customize purchases, taxes, promotions

Manage stocks purchase across different outlets by looking the items availability and location needs. Create low stock alerts for top-selling items. Customize taxes according to location.

Track Employee Performance and Customizable Reports

Easy to access history to build your own reports to track employee objectives meet, to check the demand of products.


Kaarot Point Of Sales System comes with following Hardware

Android Tablet


Barcode Scanner


Receipt Printer


Cashier Drawer

A smart POS is the backbone of every successfull enterprise.



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